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Members and Fellows of AICE are able to use post-nominals, provided they are current members of AICE, and have fulfilled the necessary CPD requirements.

Members can use the post nominal MAICE, and Fellows can use the post nominal FAICE. 

Member or Fellow status qualification is a living award based on fulfillment of ongoing CPD requirement and membership dues. Non-compliance of these requirements will result in the candidate losing their Member/Fellow status.

The use of post-nominals must be in accordance with regulations adopted by the ACA board and in accordance with National law.

As per the CBA Codes and Guidelines, there are no recognised specialties for chiropractors. Chiropractors must not use the term ‘specialist’ in any advertising because of the likelihood that such advertising would mislead or deceive the general public about your chiropractic skills, qualifications and experience.

The correct order for the use of post nominals is: (only current members can use this)

  • Commonwealth Honors and Awards
  • University degrees both pre and post-graduate
  • Appointments such as Justice of Peace
  • Membership of associations

For example: Dr Mary Smith BAppSc (ClinSc) BChiroSc MAICE 2019 (Chiropractor)

Overseas post nominals must only be used when they are a result of a qualification, not membership of an overseas association.