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Categories and Levels

There are two core membership categories and three key levels of membership within AICE.

The tables below provide an overview of the structure of AICE membership.


Initial Phase (2019-2024)

AICE Category interim

After Initial Phase (2024 onwards)

AICE Category 2024



The levels within the General/Academic or Clinical Practice Groups (CPG) Membership Categories are listed below.

General/Academic Membership Category

This category of membership is for chiropractors that have obtained a higher research degree from a University and have published research. This category is intended for academically oriented chiropractors within the profession.

  • No special interest experience required
  • Trainee (must be enrolled in a research degree)
  • Member (holds a Master level research degree + at least two publications)
  • Fellow (holds a doctoral research degree + at least five publications)

Clinical Practice Group Membership Category

Trainee – entry level
This membership level is suitable for chiropractors who wish to pursue a special interest area i.e. Sports & Exercise, Neuroscience, Paediatrics, Pain etc. Chiropractors who wish to join as a Trainee need to have a minimum two years clinical practice experience, where their practice involves significant time treating clients that fall within the interest group target audience.

Member (MAICE)
To become a member under the Sports & Exercise CPG category, a chiropractor must have completed a FICS education program on top of their required qualifications, and have a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience where their practice involves a significant time treating clients that fall within the relevant interest area.

Fellow (FAICE)
To be a Fellow of AICE means you must have attained the highest level of knowledge and competence in your given area of interest.

To join the Sports & Exercise CPG the chiropractor must have a Master's degree at least, and must have completed a FICs education program including a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience. The chiropractor must also have experience with treating state level teams or above plus some research. 

Higher standards will apply for all membership levels starting from 2024 i.e. to progress from a Member to a Fellow, a chiropractor will need to undertake a two-year university training program (equivalent to a master’s degree), that consists of a facilitated program of professional development, including regular study, formal case presentations, audit reports and trial examinations.  At the end of the training program you will need to pass the final practical and oral examinations after the grandparenting period ends.