AICE is governed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) and has constructed an Advisory Board to oversee the operations of AICE, the members of which are listed below:

AICE Advisory Board Members

  1. AICE Head - Adjunct Professor Henry Pollard
  2. ACA Board Representative - Adjunct Associate Professor Matthew Fisher
  3. A Chair from each Clinical Practice Group (TBC)

Clinical Practice Group Committees comprise of members at Fellow, Titled Member and Member levels.

The Chair of the AICE CPG must be an ACA member. 

AICE Clinical Practice Group Committees

  1. Sports & Exercise - Dr Luke Nelson (Chair)
    Dr Adam Floreani
    Dr Travis Smith
    Dr Luke Khoury
    Dr Lorenzo Campagna
    Dr Peter Garbutt

  2. Paediatrics - Dr Helen Alevaki (Chair)
    Dr Matthew Doyle
    Dr Olivia Gleeson
    Dr Alison Young
    Dr Julie Uren
    Dr Jacey Pryjma
    Dr Edna Giuntini
    Dr Scott Walters

  3. Neurorehabilitation - Dr Carlo Rinaudo (Chair)
    Dr Francesca Buhagiar
    Dr Stephanos Kassabalis
    Dr Tony Cassis

  4. Wellbeing & Lifestyle Management - Dr Peter McGlynn (Chair)
    Dr Carl Thistlethwayte
    Dr Peter McCann

  5. Pain Management - Chair TBA
    Dr John Petrozzi
    Dr Carla Sullivan-Myers
    Dr David McNaughton



AICE is the business unit of ACA, and as such the ACA constitution, governing rules, and policies apply.