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AICE is governed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) and has constructed an Advisory Board to oversee the operations of AICE, the members of which are listed below:

AICE Advisory Board Members

  1. AICE Head - Associate Professor Henry Pollard
  2. ACA Board Representative - Adjunct Associate Professor Matthew Fisher
  3. A Chair from each Clinical Interest Group (TBC)

AICE Clinical Practice Group Committees

  1. Sports & Exercise - Dr Luke Nelson (Chair)
    Dr Adam Floreani
    Dr Travis Smith
    Dr Luke Khoury
    Dr Lorenzo Campagna
    Dr Peter Garbutt

  2. Paediatrics - Dr Helen Alevaki (Chair)
    Dr Matthew Doyle
    Dr Olivia Gleeson
    Dr Alison Young
    Dr Julie Uren
    Dr Jacey Pryjma
    Dr Edna Giuntini
    Dr Scott Walters

  3. Neuroscience - Dr Francesca Buhagiar (Chair)
    Dr Carlo Rinaudo
    Dr Kelly Beanland
    Dr Stephanos Kassabalis

  4. Pain - Dr Kyle Keenan (Chair)
    Dr John Petrozzi
    Dr Carla Sullivan-Myers
    Dr David McNaughton


Policies specific to the operation of AICE will be published and form part of the regulations and policies of the ACA which operates under a constitution and the Corporations Act.