About AICE


The Australasian Institute of Chiropractic Education (AICE) was established in 2019 by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) to promote advanced clinical competence and knowledge transfer through the establishment of credentialed advanced learning pathways. We support our members and the profession by improving their skills and knowledge, facilitating research and developing policy and guidance.

About ACA

As the peak body representing chiropractors, the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), along with its predecessors, has been supporting chiropractors to have a positive impact on the health of Australians for over 80 years.
Our vision is that more Australians value and experience chiropractic care for their health and wellbeing. We are the strongest advocate for the chiropractic profession, engaging with government, stakeholders and the public to promote the benefits of chiropractic care and influence health policies for the future.

Why ACA supports AICE

The ACA has identified the need for a structure that will provide the chiropractic profession with a consistent framework within which practitioners can be recognised for their advanced skills and knowledge in clinical interest areas such as Sports, Neurorehabilitation, Paediatrics, Wellbeing & Lifestyle, Pain etc. This framework will provide credentials that will be recognised within the chiropractic profession as well as by other health professions and the public.

AICE Structure 

AICE will have titling and non-titling pathways. Titling pathways is for chiropractors wishing to advance their skills, qualifications and knowledge base through further education. This requires joining at a Fellow or Titled Member level. 

Chiropractors joining at Member level can choose to pursue titling and progress further into applying to become a Titled Member or may choose to simply stay at Member level. Students will be able to join for free. Mentorship and other resources will be made available for those choosing to progress further within titling pathways from Member level.

AICE New Flowchart 2021 22

There will be a General membership category for academically inclined chiropractors, and Clinical Practice Group (CPG) category for chiropractors interested in particular clinical focus areas.

Clinical focus areas include the following:

  • Sports & Exercise 
  • Paediatrics
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Wellbeing & Lifestyle Management
  • Pain Management

An AICE Chiropractor will:

  • Meet additional educational requirements in the desired area of special interest,
  • Possess relevant training or clinical experience to meet the criteria,
  • Maintain continuing professional development standards to stay current and relevant to the clinical area.