Entry Requirements

Sports & Exercise Entry Requirements - Grandparenting Phase (2019-2025) 


Levels Sports & Exercise CPG

Everything mentioned under Titled Member, plus:

  • Master's Degree;
  • 5 years of additional clinical experience;
  • Research - two published papers;
  • Experience with state-level teams (or above);
  • Speaking Requirement – must have presented at least three SCA events (online or Face-to-Face).
Titled Member

Everything mentioned under Member, plus:

  • 5 years+ of clinical experience;
  • ASCA Level 1;
  • ICSC/ICSP course - FICS program;
  • 150 hours of sporting experience (minimum 100 hours with a team, and 50 hours can be with an individual);
  • 25 hours at SCA events;
  • 1 published paper (to be acquired by 2025);
  • Speaking Requirement – must have presented at least one SCA event (online or Face-to-Face);
  • 25 hours of sports chiropractic/sports medicine related CPD (in the last 12 months);
  • Sports Trainer course;
  • 10 hours spent on a taping course;
  • 20 hours spent with a Sports Medicine Practitioner.

Seeking Titling Pathways (progress to Titled Member status) in future:

  • Interest in Sports & Exercise chiropractic;
  • Pursue learning pathway to Titled Member;
  • 25 hours of sports chiropractic/sports medicine related CPD;
  • If applying for Titled member after 2025, must have commenced a Graduate Diploma/Master's by coursework degree before applying.

Not Seeking Titling Pathways:

  • Interest in Sports & Exercise chiropractic;
  • Option to pursue learning pathway to Titled Member.
  • Interest in Sports & Exercise Chiropractic.


***Note: FICS recommends all chiropractors to update their ICSC certification to include the latest head injury module.

***Grandparenting phase has been extended up to 2025. Higher standards will apply for all membership levels after the grandparenting phase i.e. to progress from Member to a Titled Member, a chiropractor will need to undertake a two-year university training program (equivalent to a master’s degree), that consists of a facilitated program of professional development, including regular study, formal case presentations, audit reports and trial examinations.  At the end of the training program you will need to pass the final practical and oral examinations after the grandparenting period ends.