About this Group

The AICE Paediatrics Group focuses on the chiropractic care of children, from birth to 18 years, and includes the management of common conditions and enhancement of neurological development.


To serve our members by advancing the clinical application and understanding of chiropractic care for children. We shape the future through advocacy, collaboration, research, and education for the betterment of the profession, and the children of our communities.

We advocate for the right for all chiropractors to work with children.


Our community fosters collaboration, engagement, education, research, advocacy, and growth for our members. Our members are empowered to guide the optimal development of children through chiropractic care, building healthy families and communities.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To enhance the expertise and skills of chiropractors and represents practitioners with a special interest and qualification in paediatrics.
  • Unite all Australian chiropractors with an interest in paediatrics and facilitate improvements in best practice standards for chiropractors in this field.
  • Liaise with undergraduate and post-graduate educators and promote ongoing educations and research within the field.
  • Promote positive and research based public education campaigns, that highlight the field and its practitioners.
  • Act as a media liaison on behalf of the field and represent the best interests of the group.
  • The facilitation and co-ordination of up-to-date research, ensuring the field is delivered the latest paediatric research to implement into best practice.



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