Entry Requirements Neuro

Neurorehabilitation CPG Entry Requirements - Grandparenting Phase (2019-2025)


Levels Neurorehabilitation CPG

Everything mentioned under Titled Member, plus:

  • Masters (research) or Masters (coursework) or higher1
  • 7 years of clinical experience post-DACNB certification
  • Published two papers (in clinical neuroscience field), at least one as first author
  • Present 3 case studies or 1 case study and 10 hours presentations (last 2 years)
Titled Member

Everything mentioned under Member, plus:

  • DACNB Certification2
  • 5 years of chiropractic clinical experience
  • 25 hours of clinical neurorehabilitation related CPD (last 2 years)
  • Completion of the ‘How to write a Case History Report’ webinar hosted by Henry Pollard/AICE3

And will be expected to:

  • Attend at least 2 case study presentations (last 2 years)4
  • Presentation of 1 case study (webinar or conference)4
  • Complete the AICE Research Methods Course (or equivalent) (Not required if completed a PhD, MRes or Honours)5 OR equivalent

Seeking Titling Pathways (progress to Titled Member status) in future:

  • Interest in clinical neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation
  • Pursue learning pathway to Titled Member
  • 25 hours of Neuro related CPD - Click here to download a Template to record your CPD and/or other learning/teaching activities;

Not Seeking Titling Pathways:

  • Interest in clinical neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation
  • Option to pursue learning pathway to Titled Member
  • Interest in clinical neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation


1 All higher degrees must be within the neuroscience or neuro-rehabilitaion field. The Masters by coursework degree must include an individual capstone research project.

2 If you feel that your level of qualification is comparable to the DACNB, we invite you to apply for consideration and the committee will assess the merit of your application. 

3 Not required if you are the first author of a published peer-reviewed case study (any health-related discipline) in the last 5 years.

4 Case study presentations will be offered by the AICE Neurorehabilitation CPG Committee. A 12-month grace period will be provided to obtain this requirement.

5 Research Method course will be made available for AICE members in the next few months.



Postgraduate course

  • Hold a DACNB (Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurology Board) with 300 hours of CAGEN approved courses


  • 25 hours CPD of clinical neurorehabilitation (a course synopsis, learning outcome measures and details of the provider may be required)
  • May be online and/or in-person
  • Must be logged in diary and self-reflection to accompany (as per CBA requirements for CPD)


  • Journal must be a peer-reviewed and indexed (pubmed/medline preferred)
  • Authorship can be primary or non-primary


  • Presenting research material in an academic setting - Provide synopsis
  • Lecturing at a tertiary institute or a private course
  • May be online and/or in-person
  • Course outline and learning outcomes to be provided
  • Material must be clinical neuro-rehabilitation based, evidence-based and at a level to satisfy CBA CPD requirements

Case Study Presentation

  • Present a clinical case study (as per AICE standard) on clinical neuro-rehabilitation topics, either at AICE neuro-rehabilitation webinar or live platform event
  • You will have 12 months to present a case study once recognition of level is approved
  • Must attend live case presentatoin sessions


Note: Grandparenting phase has been extended up to 2025. Higher standards will apply for all membership levels after the grandparenting phase.